Chameleon: Dr. Miracle
A wellness center some called Miracle Ranch, nestled in the scenic mountains of Southern California, promised a luxurious escape and a path to wellness through clean, alkaline living. Its leader, Dr. Robert O. Young, attracted wealthy clientele with his “groundbreaking” health protocols and friendly, family-man persona. But beneath the serene surface, Miracle Ranch harbored a dark secret. The people who stayed there didn’t get better; they got worse. Through legal documents and candid interviews with former patients and employees, law enforcement officials, and affected family members, this series unravels the chilling true story of one man who convinced scores of people that cancer is not a cell but an “acidic, poisonous liquid,” and how his popular “alkaline diet” turned deadly. Want the full story? Unlock all episodes of Chameleon: Dr. Miracle, ad-free, right now by subscribing to The Binge. Plus, get binge access to brand new stories dropping on the first of every month — that’s all episodes, all at once, all ad-free. Just click ‘Subscribe’ on the top of the Chameleon show page on Apple Podcasts or visit GetTheBinge.com to get access wherever you listen. From Campside Media and Sony Music Entertainment, this is Season 8 of Chameleon: Dr. Miracle. Find out more about The Binge and other podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment at sonymusic.com/podcasts and follow us @sonypodcasts. Show more