Please Tell Me A Story
Omid tells his story to Felicity. Felicity tells Omid’s story to Mark, then Mark to Nabil, Nabil to Helen and Helen to Megan… each time with hilarious misrememberings, improvisations, stumbles, fumbles and laughs. Six comedians have a funny story to tell. Can they pass the story along the chain without completely twisting the tale? But this isn’t like the game you play at school where you only whisper short sentences. Each episode is a complete, beautifully written story, with each retelling getting funnier (and weirder!) as it passes on. In season 2 of Please Tell Me A Story, Omid Djalili is joined by Felicity Ward, Mark Thomas, Nabil Abdulrashid, Helen Bauer, and Megan Jayne Crabbe. It's the game where story telling goes horribly wrong… A Sony Music Entertainment production. Find more great podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment at sonymusic.com/podcasts and follow us @sonypodcasts Show more